Kelly’s Blue Suede Shoes

Kelly Ripa in all black with a pop of blue (please enjoy a glimpse of hubby Mark Consuelos behind).

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Photo: Kelly Ripa: Splash News

We love a good blue. And we’ve previously established Kelly’s above hue is known as a “banner blue” on most (color) swatches (see “Banner Blue”). For those who remember 1999′s “Cruel Intentions”, try to picture Ryan Phillippe coming up the escalator wearing a bright blue dress shirt, black pants, and carrying a single red rose. His shirt was banner blue – and for several reasons, it’s ingrained in our brains as part of pop culture history… Mmmmm. Sorry, back to Kelly. Her monochromatic (all colors, tints, tones and shades of a single hue) look of head to toe black works well here, just when our senses start to rest they are heightened with those gorgeous blue shoes.

When deviating ever-so-slightly from a monochromatic theme, pick only one item that’s a different color. Our favorites are head-to-toe black with an offsetting scarf (white, patterned, metallic), or head-to-toe black with a bright pop of yellow, blue, purple or red shoe (generally, it’s a good rule to only wear one primary color at a time unless it’s a Pucci-inspired print), or head-to-toe white with anything really (white and gold is one of the best combos in existence).

You can also incorporate a bag that offsets your singular hue, although we do adore Kelly’s black-on-black Hermès “Birkin”. There are many options. Just keep it to one non-matching hue at a time. And please don’t match your shoes to your purse (or anything really), matchy-matchy is not the goal. Try a monochromatic theme with one deviation, an accidental pop of color to make a splash.

Clearly it works for Kelly.