what are they… drinking?!

I’ll admit to loving the tastes of things most people scrunch their noses up at… unflavored tofu, unsalted nuts, and any green veggie – preferably freshly juiced. I also have a sweet tooth, and I love salt… but with several food sensitives, I do my best to curb those indulgences for the sake of my stomach. While living in LA, I swore by Evolution’s “Essential Greens” that I bought at Whole Foods (I saw Seal at the Brentwood WF, I wonder if Heidi’s on the green-wagon?), or the fresh juices from M Cafe (Jessica Alba is a fan, and just look at her radiant skin). Sadly, upon moving back to Canada I found myself on a fresh green juice quest… Fresh offers a good selection of juices (my go-to is the “all-green”), and Noah’s on Bloor has a cafe with a fully equipped juice bar. These are great options for dining in, or pick-up, but I like to have my juices at home, at the office, and when I travel (the recommended shelf life is three days). Toronto’s Whole Foods and organic grocery stores only carry vegetable juices with some form of fruit (apple, and/or banana etc)… so I was thankful to come across Total Cleanse – a local juice delivery service (and/or cleanse) that drops off your juices between 9pm and 6am the night before /day you want them. Today through Wednesday, I’ll be drinking Green Energy with my breakfast(s) and dinner(s). And while I’m not doing a full cleanse, I’m not going to argue with glowing skin and increased energy. Yes, PLEASE!!